Charter of the Japan Judges Network@@[ Japanese ]
1999.09.18 enacted
2003.11.15 revised
2006.11.22 revised
1. The purpose of the Japan Judges Network (hereinafter, the gNetworkh) is to promote the open administration of justice and the fulfillment and strengthening of judicial functions in Japan.

2. 1. The Network shall be administered on the basis of individual activities originating in the independence and autonomy of member judges (hereinafter, the gMembersh), and it shall in no case make any decisions or resolutions that will bind the freedom of the Member.
2. The Member shall have no obligation other than paying designated operational expenses.

3. The Network shall have no political or labor union character or affiliation of whatsoever.

3. In order to achieve the purpose, the Network will carry out the following activities.

@ 1. The Network will support the Memberfs research on the reform of individual trial practices and on the more general judicial reform in Japan, and will support any publication of such research results and commentary.
2. The Network will hold seminars or meetings regarding the reform of trial practices and on the judicial reform, and will publicize such research findings and commentary.
3. The Network will support the exchange of opinions by the Members with any similar institutions or associations for investigation and research on the reform of trial practices and the judicial reform and also support communications and exchanges by the Members with such members.

4. The Network will support investigation and research on foreign judicial systems, communications and exchanges with foreign judges and international judges' organizations and also support communications and exchanges by the Members with such foreign judges.
5. The Network will support mutual exchange and friendship between the Members.

4. 1. The Network shall consist of any Members who have agreed on the above provisions, have applied for the registration in the Network, and are currently working as judges (hereinafter, the gRegistered Membersh). Any judge who has temporarily been transferred to other institutions may become the Member.

2. In addition to the Registered Members, the Network may designate as registered supporters (hereinafter, the gRegistered Supportersh) any practicing judges and former judges who have completed an application for such supporters.

3. The Network may designate any foreign judges as its honorary supporters.

4. The Network shall accept contributions only from the Registered Members and the Registered Supporters.

5. 1. The Network shall hold a regular general meeting at least once a year and will, from time to time if necessary, hold meetings of the Registered Members. The Registered Supporter may attend such general meetings and Member meetings.
2. At the regular general meeting, a few coordinators (hereinafter, the gCoordinatorsh) shall be elected by the majority voting, who shall be in charge of the Network's administration, and the budget of the corresponding year's operational expenses and support fees shall also be decided.

6. 1. The Coordinators shall change every year. However, if not avoided, the Coordinators may be reappointed for the following year.
2. The Coordinators shall, by election from among them, appoint a person in charge of public relations and a person in charge of accountings.
3. At the regular general meeting, the Coordinator in charge of accountings must submit an accounting report.

7. At any time and without having to provide reasons for doing so, any Member and any Registered Supporter may freely withdraw from the Network or from participation in any of its activities.

8. This charter can be revised by agreement of two-thirds of the Registered Members.